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Much like Normal Writs, Master Writs in ESO are requests to be fulfilled by creating a specific Item for a Client in game. Unlike Normal Writs, these are usually more complex, requiring you to know specific Traits or to Craft them at specific Set Stations. The Reward for completing a Master Writ is some Gold, Experience & Writ Vouchers.



Writ Vouchers can be used to buy Special Motifs, Trait Materials & Crafting Tables for your Player Home, among other unique items. Some of these items are tradeable, & can be found at Guild Traders throughout Tamriel, while others are Account Bound & you will need the Writ Vouchers to acquire them. When deciding what to spend your vouchers on, it is important to check the cost in Vouchers compared to the cost at a Guild Trader for the same item.
These Writ Vouchers can be redeemed in the Merchant Store of Rolis Hlaalu, who you will also be turning in Completed Writs to, or Faustina Curio who is right next to him. These Vendors can be found in your chosen Factions Capital City, usually near the Crates that you turn completed Writs into.



Master Writs will have a number of Writ Vouchers you get for completing them based on the level of the Writ. A lower level sealed Blacksmithing Writ might only get you 6 Vouchers, whereas a higher level Jewellery Writ can get you Hundreds of Vouchers. This number can be deceiving though, depending on what you are trying to acquire with the Vouchers.

If you want a Normal Crafting Table for your Player Home, it will Cost 35 Writ Vouchers, If you buy that Crafting Table from a Guild Trader, then it will cost you on average 80 - 100K Gold (Accurate at the time of Writing). Using a Sealed Blacksmithing Writ as an example, the cost to buy the Materials to complete the Writ is about 3,300 Gold (This total is calculated with the help of the Master Merchant & Writworthy Addons on PC), if you don’t have Addons then you will need to calculate the cost Manually instead.

So, if you had 5 Master Writs, all comparable to this Writ to total the 35 Writs you would need to get a Crafting Table, it would cost you about 16,500 Gold to Craft them all & buy the Table you want. Since this option would be less expensive than buying the Table at a Guild Trader, it would be worth doing.

On the other hand, let’s say you want to buy an Attunable Crafting Station to place in your Home to have a Specific Set Available there for Crafting.

Attunable Stations Cost 250 writ Vouchers & typically cost between 130 - 200K at Guild Traders. So looking at a Jewellery Writ, you will get 578 Writ Vouchers, which will get you 2 Attunable Stations. This Writ will cost about 400K for the Materials. If instead you take that 400K & look for Stations on the lower end, you could get 3 Stations for the same price in Gold. You can also sell Master Writs on to Guild Traders, meaning you could spend the 400K you would have spent to complete the Writ on 3 Tables & Sell the Writ for a profit, making the total Gold spent a little less. You will want to factor in not only Cost of Materials, but also whether you have the Motif required for the Writ when determining if it is worth the cost.

(Please Note: That at the time of Writing all Prices were accurate but are subject to fluctuations).

Because of this you may want to reconsider certain methods when trying to obtain these until the prices drop back to a normal level.



Master Writs are given as a Reward for completing Normal Daily Writs, but you will need to be at level 50 on a Crafting Line before they even start dropping. The Drop Rate factors in the total number of Traits you know in a Profession as well as how many Motifs you know. There is no definitive answer on how often you are likely to get a Master Writ, but the current best estimate for your chances are about a 10% Drop Rate on any given Profession. This means you could do Daily Writs every day for a week & get no Master Writs at all, or you could get Master Writs every singe day.

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