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In the Early Stages of the Game it can be hard to make much Gold, let alone figure out what the best things to spend it on are.

Between Guild Traders, Shop Keepers, Mount Trainers & Bag Upgrade Merchants, everyone wants some of your hard earning Gold.

There is nothing worse than running out of Inventory Space & realizing you don’t have the Gold to be able to Upgrade your Bag or Bank Space & needing to decide which items to get rid of.

This Guide will help you to get started on the right path & set yourself up for long term Gold Prosperity!



While methods such as Buying & Selling Items through Guild Traders can be very effective, these are not as viable early on when you are trying to learn the game and just have fun.

Walking out of the Tutorial Quest into the wide world of Tamriel, you will have very little to start with & will need to build up to being able to rake in large amounts of Gold. The methods below are all viable from the Early Game onwards & will net you some spending money early on.

Selling Items – As a General Rule you should look at items as you pick them up and see if they are Intricate or better than the Gear you are currently using. If the answer to both of those questions is no, then you should sell the item to a Merchant. This may only be for a small amount of Gold, but it adds up over time & you can find yourself getting 2K - 3K Gold every few Quests.

Questing – This can be a really slow grind, but it's well worth it when you consider that not only do you get Gold for completing Quests, but also items that you can sell to Merchants all while enjoying a fun story.

Dungeons – These are a great way to Multi - Task. The first time through a Dungeon you will get Experience & a Skill Point for completing it, as well as any additional XP from slaying enemies & for doing a Random Daily Dungeon if you didn’t select a specific one. Add to all of that the Items you pick up which can be sold & you will be surprised at how quickly the Gold accumulates.

Dolmens – These can be Farmed for Jewellery while you gain Experience. You can then Sell that Jewellery, assuming you don’t want to Deconstruct it to help level Jewellery Crafting. Selling on a Guild Store will usually net you more Gold, but running these & Selling to a Merchant can net you a decent amount of Gold as well.

Thievery – Most Cities throughout Tamriel have a dark underworld of treachery & deceit. These are known as Thieves Dens & this is where you will find your friendly neighborhood Fence. Normal Merchants will avoid buying Stolen Items, but Fences will happily take them off your hands. There are many spots where you can grind out Stealing items, but for the most fun time try and Steal everything from every city you can & sell it all here!

The above list is only a small number of ways to obtain Gold in ESO, but early on they will be the easiest ways to make extra Gold & still allow you to explore to your hearts content.



Now that you have some ideas on how to obtain some Gold early on, you might be wondering how you should prioritize your spending to make sure you are investing that hard earned coin in the best way to make yourself successful later on.

The following 3 things should be a primary focus when spending your Gold:

Mount Training – You might notice that when you get your First Mount at Level 10 it feels like walking would be a much faster way to get around. While this is pretty much true, there is a way to fix that. There are Stables in each City where you can go to Train your Mount to increase your Mount's Speed, Endurance & Carry Capacity. You can only Train your Mount once every 20 Hours & it costs 250 Gold each time you train your Mount. Typically, you will want to invest in Speed first, until it is Maxed out at 60, then go for Carry Capacity which will allow you to Carry more items. Endurance can be helpful in some situations, but out of the three it is the least useful. This training is Character based, so you will need to repeat this training on each Character.

Bank Space – Very simply, this will allow you to store more items in your Bank. Each upgrade will get you 10 additional Slots in the Bank (20 if you have ESO+) & the Bank is Account based, so when you Add Space, all of your Characters will be able to use it. Note: The cost Increases each time you upgrade your Bank Space.

Bag Space – Similar to Bank Space, but this adds Carry Capacity to your Character. Note: Again the cost increases each time you increase the Bag Space & you will need to pay on each Character individually.

You will want to avoid spending money on Armour & Wepons, as you will pick plenty of those up & buying them before the Gear Cap at CP 160 will only be Gold wasted because you will out level the Gear quickly. Potions & Buff Food / Drink can be bought, but can also be a little pricey & you should be able to pick these up from Level Rewards, Daily Rewards as well as from Looting Containers & Provisioning.

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